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Murry’s Roofing Specializes in Urethane Foam

William J. Murry, Owner of Murry’s Roofing, has over 30 years experience in the roofing industry and has specialized in urethane foam roofing applications for decades. Murry’s Roofing provides only the highest quality roofing services to clients ever since.

Urethane Foam Has Many Applications


Urethane foam roofing can be very beneficial to residential housing because of the superior insulation properties.


Besides also benefiting from the insulation properties of urethane foam, the ability to slope the roof for proper drainage makes it ideal for large commercial applications.

Mobile Homes

Foam’s ability to create a solid waterproof structure adhered to the substrate underneath, combined with the ability to be applied to irregular shaped roofs make it ideal for mobile homes.

Metal Buildings & Other Structures

Foam can be applied to almost any structure which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Benefits of Urethane Foam

Energy Efficiency

Urethane foam roofing can be very beneficial because it offers superior insulation properties. The technical term for foam roofing’s resistance to heat transfer is “r-value“.

With foam roofing, less cooling is needed to keep your home cool in the summer and less heating is required to keep the house warm during the winter. This energy efficiency property effectively reduces your home energy bills.

Water Proofing

Another benefit of urethane foam is that it offers unique waterproofing qualities compared to other roofing applications.

The closed cell foam is the only insulating material that doesn’t soak up water which makes it an ideal roofing material.

Structural Integrity

Foam adds structural rigidity to roof decks and walls. The surface to which the foam is applied essentially become one monolithic structure adding strength against yet is still flexible enough to withstand typical expansion and contracting of the structure.

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